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Finish off with the smart plan. Get more functionality by adding WordPress plugins, dynamic modules that allow you to interact with prospects and transact with your clientele, anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of the latest, and most relevant WordPress plugins features **.

In addition to the sweet plan, the smart plan includes:

  • a specific needs assessment;
  • researching plugins that include the latest, and most relevant WordPress plugin features*;
  • installing & initializing plugins;
  • building relevant pages & navigation;
  • importing data;
  • initializing relevant widgets in sidebars, footers and/or home page content areas;
  • testing plugins functionality & compatibility;
  • BONUS: first month of WordPress support.

It's So Smart!


$ 2,700 – $ 3,400


3 – 4 weeks


Add another $ 600 for 1 more week. Usually only necessary if there is loads of data to import.


** Examples of the latest, and most relevant WordPress plugin features: social media, e-commerce, file uploads & downloads, paid content areas & newsletters. There’s much, much more.

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